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Fuzz is probably the oldest form of signal distortion that was adopted by a large number of guitar players. It’s definitely different compared to overdrive and distortion, and can sometimes produce pretty interesting results. One of the best benefits of using a fuzz over any other form of signal distortion is the price of these effects pedals. More often than not you can get a great fuzz stompbox for a rather low price. This is also going to be our topic today.

We have selected 4 of the best cheap fuzz pedals that all meet the requirements we feel every good fuzz pedal should. Namely, we’re talking about a dirty sound that has some range to it. True bypass is definitely a great feature, but at this price range, not every pedal will come with it. Finally, we were looking for reliable stomp boxes. With all that said, let’s take a look at what we have in store for you today.

Danelectro CF-2 Cool Cat Fuzz V2

Danelectro has quite a respectable track record when it comes to fuzz pedals in general. Their lineup of products includes some of the most popular fuzz boxes on the market at the moment. Danelectro CF-2 Cool Cat Fuzz V2 is pushing the price limits we’ve set out for this article; however, it is still considered to be a budget fuzz pedal by all means.


For a guitar effects pedal, Danelectro CF-2 Cool Cat Fuzz V2 (see full specs) definitely brings an unusual design. However, this appears to be the trend in this segment of the market. The case is made of high-quality metal which makes it more than resilient to whatever abuse you are capable of dishing out during use. There are three control knobs – one for volume, tone, and fuzz. It comes with true bypass, which is significant. All in all, it’s a simple package.


The sound you can expect to get from Danelectro CF-2 Cool Cat Fuzz V2 is versatile, to say the least. It brings a different kind of tone compared to Big Muff fuzz box which are often held as a standard. You get a more jagged fuzz with a wide bottom end and lots of headroom to work with. What this means is that you can dial in a decent range of tones, going anywhere from treble boost style settings to distortion type tones. It’s among the best cheap fuzz pedals period.

Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz

One of the best brands you can trust to deliver a refined fuzz at affordable prices is Donner. Their Stylish Fuzz is quite a decent fuzz pedal which brings a more traditional performance to those who need a cheap and reliable fuzz pedal. The price of this unit makes it almost too tempting to resist. Especially considering how smooth it is compared to even the more expensive pedals.


The form factor Donner chose for this pedal is very compact. It’s a low-profile pedal that comes in a sturdy case. In terms of aesthetics, it’s nothing to write home about. However, some of us definitely appreciate the simplicity of its appearance. There are three main control knobs. You have volume, sustain, and tone to play with, which has turned out to be more than enough to dial a great tone. This pedal also comes with true bypass and a standard heavy duty stomp switch.


One of the best things about Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz (see full specs) is its predictability. This pedal brings you what most consider to be the traditional fuzz tone. It’s rich, and most importantly, smooth. The thing about modern fuzz boxes is that every manufacturer goes out of their way to experiment with new and interesting sounds. Donner, on the other hand, understood the importance of having a standard fuzz box that you can come back to when all else fails. That’s exactly what Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz brings to the table. It’s not simply a good cheap fuzz pedal, it’s a great one.

Danelectro D-7 Fab Fuzz

We have another Danelectro fuzz box for you today. This time, it comes under the name of D-7 Fab Fuzz. This one is of the cheapest and most reliable fuzz pedals on the market, and it brings a completely different performance compared to the Cool Cat Fuzz V2 we mentioned earlier. D-7 Fab Fuzz is a lot more streamlined and conservative.


Much like the rest of Danelectro pedals, D-7 Fab Fuzz comes in that weird looking case. With that said, it’s still very durable in terms of build quality and materials used, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking on you. There are three knobs on it, one for volume, fuzz, and tone, which are oddly positioned on the back of the pedal. This model does not come with true bypass, which is admittedly one of its flaws.


Much like the Stylish Fuzz, Danelectro D-7 Fab Fuzz brings a more traditional fuzz tone that isn’t all too versatile. However, it’s one of the best fuzz effects you can get in this price range. The tone is warm and rich enough to be used in a variety of music genres. With that said, it has its limits, but if you’re okay with those limits, this should be one of the best cheap fuzz pedals you can buy.

Behringer Super Fuzz SF300

Last but not the least, we have a Behringer multi-tool that has proven to be a great option for those who want more versatility, but have a very limited budget. What we’re looking at here is a sort of many-in-one fuzz box emulator pedal which actually works pretty well.


The pedal comes in a standard Behringer case and is packed with controls. On the top, you will find several knobs along with a three-way switch. Knobs include level, bass, gain, and treble. The switch allows you to select three different modes of operation – Fuzz 1, Fuzz 2 and Boost. Needless to say, having such flexible controls allows you to dial in a wide range of fuzz tones.


The types of fuzz effects you can get with this Behringer Super Fuzz SF300 are rather impressive considering the price. Fuzz 1 gives you a more tamed tone with lots of mids. Fuzz 2 is definitely your regular Big Muff-type fuzz with reduced mids. And finally, the Boost mode is your standard clean boost.

Conclusion – What to Look for in the Best Cheap Fuzz Pedals

Even though we’ve set a very tight budget for this list, we’ve still managed to find a number of great fuzz pedals which offered most, if not all of the things we were looking for. You will be looking for a type of tone that’s as organic and natural as possible despite being based on the digital technology in most cases.

Although true bypass and some other features are not shared by every pedal on our list, all of them will bring you a great fuzz tone at a low price. Good stuff—a huge thumbs up from here!

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