The 4 Best Guitar Practice Chairs & Stools — Reviews 2017

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As one of the most important but frequently overlooked aspects of musicianship, proper posture is vital both for delivering a good performance and for remaining physically healthy and fit after many years and thousands of hours invested in guitar playing.

With that in mind, we decided to make a rundown of best guitar practice chairs. While sitting on the edge of your bed is an alright option, the best thing you can do is to invest into a chair specially crafted for playing guitar. If you’re a classical guitarist who performs sitting down, these are an absolute must-have. And if you’re not a classical player, these will still greatly help you in your musical journey by making your practice hours more comfortable and effective.

So, we singled 4 of the best chairs for playing guitar from three budget areas, each worthy of your consideration. Do check out the goods in the rundown below.

Odyssey Chair

We’ll kick things off in the mid-range budget domain with Odyssey. This chair is highly portable, featuring both comfortable seating area for your precious tushy, and a padded removable back rest.

Also included in the mix are leg rests, as well as the ability to adjust the height anywhere between 19 and 33 inches through five adjustment levels. In total, we are looking at a size of 17 x 18 x 47.5 inches.

You can use this chair for playing anything from ukulele to upright bass – it’s adjustable, comfortable, and quite easy to transport. We are positive that purchasing this fella will increase the number of hours you spend with your instrument simply because it’s so comfortable and practical. Also recommended for touring musicians. This should be on anyone’s list of the best guitar chairs on the market.

Road Ready RRGCH

Picking things up a notch, the Road Ready RRGCH is as versatile as they get, giving you the ability to adjust the height of just about any thing you can imagine on a chair.

Featuring a guitar hanger, the stool comes with a fully adjustable foot rest, back rest and seat, along with the possibility of folding the entire thing into a compact package ideal for traveling. The padded seat and back rest are very soft and comfortable, while the metal construction is super sturdy and durable, just as it should be.

The product is made in Europe, with a weight of 20 pounds and a total size of 43 x 6 x 21 inches. It is easily capable of holding a weight of 250 pounds and more, which is more than enough for the majority of musicians out there.

Apart from all that, the looks are quite sleek and elegant, so if you’re using this chair for live shows, it’s going to perfectly blend into any environment and musical vibe. Bar none, this is one of the best guitar stools with backrests on the market.

Professional Guitarist’s Stage Stool

Sometimes, the best guitar practice chair is a guitar stool. In the budget friendly domain, we bring you the basic, yet very effective Professional Guitarist’s Stage Stool. Coming from Budget Bar Stools manufacturer, this product features a 24-inch seat height, along with a top-notch 18 gauge frame, and a swivel bar stool seat featuring a 1.25 inch foam padding.

The listed features secure plenty of comfort, as well as zero room for adjustments of any sort (apart from moving the stool around, that is). If the height suits you – and it has been crafted to suit the needs of the majority or players – this fella should work just fine for you.

Made in the US of A, the chair features weighs in at 16 pounds, utilizing chrome steel parts and a black seat–this is a sturdy bastard. Build quality is top-level, and we can’t see a single reason why this thing shouldn’t last you many years as long as it is treated right. Whenever someone asks us what is the best guitar stool, we single out this item.

Quik Lok DX749 Deluxe Seat

As another high-end item, the Quik Lok DX749 stands out with modern design and high portability. This is among the most adjustable guitar stools with an adjustable seat, an adjustable leg rest, and an adjustable back rest. It is also very easy to use and every adjustment runs as smooth as we could wish for.

The chair (see full specs) comes with a weight of 27.6 pounds, along with total dimensions of 40 x 7.7 x 16.5 inches. You can dial it in to match any height between 21 and 35 inches; some even say it goes up to 37 inches. The looks are quite modern, featuring a neat combination of black foundation and blue details.

When it comes to transport, all you have to do is remove the pin connecting the back rest and fold the chair. It easily fits into any regular back matching the listed dimensions. The item is allergy- and kitchen-friendly, meaning there’s no cloth upholstery, and even what they now call as vegan-friendly, meaning there’s no leather either. Hands down, it’s one of the best guitar practice chairs (or stools, whatever you want to call it).

What Makes a Top-Notch Guitar Practice Chair?

The main thing every chair should fulfill is having a comfortable butt rest and sturdy legs. Without these two factors, don’t even consider buying anything that can be matched by your ole chair. Apart from that, if you want to dive into more intricate details, we think that having a set of fully adjustable leg- and back-rests is an awesome feature that will greatly help you.

Finally, keep your eyes open on items that are sturdy and light, as well as easy to transport and fold. Even the best chairs for practicing guitar won’t be much use if they’re immovable like a Third World dictator. Needless to say, good value for money is also something we are all always in pursuit for.


In a nutshell, these four lads strongly stand out as out top contenders for the flattering title of the best chairs for playing guitar on today’s market. They all offer a top bang for the buck within their respective price ranges, and they’re all items you simply cannot regret purchasing.

Now it just comes down to the matter of jotting down your personal needs, preferences and spending budget. Once that is out of the way, feel free to treat yourself with one of these bad boys as early as today. Quality stuff, highly recommended!

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