The 4 Best Clip On Mics for the Money – Reviews 2024

best clip on mic for the money

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Clip-on microphones are nifty little devices that can make your daily communication far more convenient. The device’s name is quite self-explanatory: it’s a mic with a clip-on system that allows it to be attached to the speaker’s clothing or the player’s instrument.

Clip-on mics are primarily known for being small and very lightweight. Their main purpose is to give the speaker as much volume as needed without being particularly noticed. They are used during talk shows on a daily basis, but you can also use one for you acoustic instrument such as a saxophone or a double bass.

Anyhow, we narrowed down the 4 best clip on mics for the money today:

Fifine USB Lavalier Lapel Microphone

To start, let’s look at this USB lavalier microphone from Fifine. Its main selling points are its high sensitivity and sound quality. It provides perfect clarity to recorded voices, making it the ideal choice for people who create their own videos and podcasts to post online. It’s designed to isolate your voice from background noise and interference, so you can use it anywhere with equally good results.

This microphone is also very easy to use. Since there’s a sound card built right in you don’t have to fiddle with it to avoid distortion. Just plug it in and go. The mic itself is easy to use, too. For convenience and top sound at a great price, this is a strong contender.

FIFINE USB Lapel USB Microphone Review

Olympus ME 15

Time to bring out the big guns now! In our humble opinion, the Olympus ME 15 is the best clip on microphone in today’s market, a brilliant mixture of high-end audio quality, high durability, and a fair and affordable price.

The mic’s sound quality is at the highest possible level, with zero issues and with maximum flexibility and clarity. We can’t praise the audio output enough, so we’ll just say it was the crucial factor for us to declare ME 15 the No. 1 of our little rundown.

The device features a wide frequency response between 100 Hz and 12 kHz, along with a 2.2 kOhm output impedance, and a minimum weight of just 11 grams (0.3 ounces), and a 3.3-foot cord for extra convenience.

You can use this microphone for speech application, but it’s the instrument realm that makes it truly shine. If you need a sensitive mic to bring out the best in your instrument, this is the one. The sound is stellar, precise, clear, and impeccable. Whether you’re playing a string instrument, a brass instrument, or a percussion instrument, this Olympus will deliver the goods.

The mic’s design is sleek and subtle. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing it, which is what clip-ons are all about in the first place. This is easily among the best clip on mics period.

External mic Olympus ME-15 on Gopro Hero2 With stereo/mono adapter

Korg Clip-On

We’ll go next to another fine representative – the Korg Clip-On. Featuring a very wide clip, this mic can seamlessly blend into every surrounding while delivering a sound that is loud and clear on all fronts. Highly recommended for instruments.

This product has recently been improved in several areas, bringing notable improvements with the latest edition. Specifically, we have more efficient sound transmission thanks to the new flexible cable, as well as a more durable connection between the cable and the mic, which significantly reduces the possibility of breaking. Additionally, the rubber inside the clip was specially designed to provide a better fit for secure attachment. The item is available in three color patterns: Black, White, and Black/White.

The Korg Clip-On has earned plenty of praises from satisfied users, many of who have branded it the best choice for sax players. So if you happen to be one, it might be a good idea to give the Clip-On some extra attention.

If you go with this Korg, you won’t make a wrong decision. There’s a little something drawing you to this specific little microphone.

Zalman Zm-Mic1 High Sensitivity Headphone Mic

In the budget friendly realm, we bring you the Zalman Zm-Mic1, the best clip on mic for a budget—possibly in the world. It’s a high sensitivity device with a very compact design that might not thrill you, but one that will do the job just fine.

The sound quality of the Mic1 really isn’t that much below the more expensive models, meaning that you can expect a loud and clear output with very little sonic interference. On the other hand, the mic isn’t that much durable, and after a while it can become prone to damage.

But since you can buy this product for practically nothing, there’s no reason to be worried about it. The mic will last more than enough before you have to change it as long as you take care of it. And no mic, even the most expensive ones, lasts forever.

In a nutshell, a killer bang for the buck we have here. Also note that in our opinion, this mic should primarily be used for talking, and not for musical instruments.

ZALMAN ZM-MIC1 review/commentary & how to improve your audio quality with it

“What should I use a clip-on mic for?”

Well, first and foremost, clip-on microphones are not designed to be used for singing, so if you thought a clip-on might be a cheap option that will get the job done, you thought wrong, sorry.

But these devices fit a vast array of other purposes. Basically, whenever you need a microphone that stands out of your way and doesn’t require to be held by hand or by a stand, you should consider a clip-on. These mics are incredibly handy, and it is no wonder that they are used in every corner of the world, whether it’s during talk shows, news reports, or for more personal use.

If you have your aim set on the best clip on mic, we wholeheartedly recommend that your check these four models, they are the absolute top of today’s market. Each of the listed devices simply won’t fail you!

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