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A good practice amp is of utmost importance if heavy metal is your genre of choice. Your sound within the heavy metal realm is crafted not just by your guitar, as most beginners might think, but by your amp as well. In the day and age we live in, where technology plays a crucial role in just about everything, one could easily argue that the amp has overtaken the guitar as the crucial sonic ingredient.

Whichever the case may be, you sir will need to get your hands on the right practice amp for metal. We took on the arduous task of sifting through the internet to find such a perfect gem and can now proudly announce that the title could belong to one of the products below. The top factors we took into consideration are gain quality, sonic power, durability, and, of course, value for money.

These are our recommendations for the best practice amps for metal on the market:

Practice Amp for Metal 1: Pignose 7-100 Legendary Portable Amplifier

Let’s start things off with the most innovative option on the list: the super-compact Pignose 7-100. Weighing in at less than 5 pounds, it’s a truly portable amplifier that makes an ideal practice amp for players from every genre and experience level.

The 6” speaker in the Pignose 7-100 isn’t going to give you the soul-shaking output you’d want for a metal show, but you don’t always want that much volume when you’re practicing, anyway. What it will do is give you a rich, classic distortion suitable for most metal styles.

You’ll also love the Pignose 7-100 if you’re on a budget. It’s one of the most affordable practice amps on the market. Don’t assume that means a cheap build, either. The reinforced metal corners prevent damage from drops, and it’s a road-worthy amplifier from top to bottom.

Another great thing about the Pignose is that it lets you practice literally anywhere. You’ll get the option to use it on battery power or with an AC adapter. You can even strap it to your chest and play while you walk, if you want to.

The tone-shaping options on the Pignose are admittedly quite limited—you won’t find any on-board models or effects here. As an on-the-go amplification option, though, it fits the bill nicely, no matter what genre you play.

Practice Amp for Metal 2: Blackstar HT-5R

Now , the cream of the crop, by far the finest and most high-quality item on the list: the mighty Blackstar HT-5R.

This baby is all-tube, and you probably know what that means – incredible power, incredible sound quality. The amp (see full specs) is raw, natural, and organic. It will make your ears perk up and just take you away as you jam. If you want the best practice amp for metal in the world, buy this Blackstar right now.

If we were to look at the specs, we’d notice that this product packs 5 watts of tube power, which equates to about five times more solid-state power, while the sound is delivered through a single 12 inch speaker. Also included in the mix are two standard channels – Clean and Overdrive – along with a three-band EQ, and a digital stereo reverb.

Metal genres that apply the most with this badass – thrash, heavy, power, and death. Whatever you pick, you can’t go wrong with this amp.

Blackstar HT-5R Rock/Metal Test/Demo

Practice Amp for Metal 3: Fender Mustang I V2

If you are into more classic heavy metal, the Mustang is what you’ve been searching for. Packed with that high-pitched gain, this 20-watt amp is perfect for you if you like your metal old-school and leaning towards the hard rock realm rather than the realms of death metal.

The amp includes a set of 17 various amp models, utilizing modern digital technology to the max. If thrash metal is the hardest genre you intend to play, this product is perfect for you.

Among notable features, the amp utilizes an AUX input that allows you to connect your music player with the device, and jam along to your favorite tunes all night long. This Fender should be on anyone’s list of the best amps for metal.

Practice Amp for Metal 4: Peavey Vypyr VIP 1

If you are a fan of the really heavy stuff, something along the lines of classic black metal or even modern death metal, you will want a Peavey Vypyr. This guy is incredibly heavy and offers a massive, chugging tone that will put a smile on your face.

Once again, we have a versatile device on our hands, but this time around, the amp can be used not just for electric guitars, but for acoustic electric and even bass guitars as well.

But let’s keep the discussion metal. Out of all the options and sonic adjustments, the metal-oriented ones seem to work the best for this product. Among notable features, the item offers you an incredible control over the gain output, allowing you to suit the amount of heaviness to a T.

Also, the amp packs an on-board looper and comes with a five-year warranty. What else would you want from one of the best practice amps for metal?

What to Look in the Best Metal Pratice Amps

The factors are easy to jot down, actually. You will want to test out the gain first and make sure that there is no crackle or any sonic disturbance when cranking the amp up to 11.

Then, you will want to make sure that you can get an equal amount of punch from every sonic frequency. To get the best metal sound, you will need roaring, but still warm basses, a precise and punchy middle section, and bright and razor sharp trebles.

Power is always a good thing with these lads, so you’ll want to test the volume knob as well to see if the power is even at higher volumes.

Another factor that’s good to watch out for is the amp’s natural distortion. If you can get top-quality overdrive and dist sound from the device without having to attach any distortion pedals, you have found the winning ticket.

With that said, jot down your spending budget and personal preferences, buy your ideal bad boy from these four today, and get playing!

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