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squier P Bass pickups

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The Precision Bass guitar was the first bass-like instrument in the electrical guitar world. Invented and made popular by Leo Fender, the P Bass guitars are outfitted with different set of pickups when compared to Jazz bass guitars – most models have a single coil split pickup, sporting a minimalist design and a huge level of versatility.

Squier did an amazing job making premium-quality guitars and basses, but it’s safe to say that they’ve improved the level of their craftsmanship ever since they were acquired by Fender in 1975. These guys have graced the market with numerous exquisite bass models, such as Jaguar, Mustang, Musicmaster, Telecaster, Bronco, but there are also a couple of signature models that you should keep an eye out for, such as Mikey Way and Gary Jarman’s signature basses.

We’ve compiled a list of Squier P Bass pickups, including some more expensive models, a pickup that’s ideal for people with low budget, and, of course, we are going to close the curtain with our top pick – Fender’s own Pickup set for V-mod precision bass guitar, so let’s get straight to it.

These are our 4 recommendations for the best Squier P Bass pickups on the market:

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P Bass Pickups

Strong, reliable, and powerful, Seymour Duncan’s Quarter Pound pickups for precision bass guitars are among the most valuable pickups ever made. The Quarter Pound pickups are outfitted with premium-quality Alnico 5 magnets and boast hum canceling properties. They are capable of surviving strong vibrations and even the toughest playing styles for approximately a year unless they’re altered, so it’s safe to say that they’re also very durable.

What’s best about these pickups is that they can absorb the punchiness from your guitar, providing your sound with a massive boost in accuracy and definition. Since they’re strong already, you can rest assured that highly distorted guitars will sound even more massive.


  • Exceptionally strong pickups
  • Alnico 5 magnet
  • Pristine clear, define tone
  • Very durable


  • Could be expensive
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Fender P Bass 5 String

Fender P Bass Pickups – Original Vintage

Even though this particular pickup set isn’t the most expensive one in our review, it’s safe to say that it’s still one of the best Squier P Bass pickups for the money. These pickups look exceptionally exquisite (mainly due to their vintage design), and they come with the corresponding installation hardware. They also feature flush-mount pole pieces, enamel-coated wire, and period-correct cloth, as well as fiber bobbin.

The enamel-coated wires provide a warm tone, often characterized as “pure vintage” by Squier and Fender enthusiasts while the flush-mount pieces provide an even response from the guitar’s strings. The Alnico5 magnets provide enhanced dynamics, as well as increased focus and accentuation, and what’s more, you’ll even get the installation hardware with it, so there are many things you could like about this pickup model.

As for the price, the original Vintage Fender precision bass pickups belong to the medium bracket of the “moderately expensive” price point category, and it’s safe to say that they boast a huge value for the buck.

Though the tone is warm, these pickups pack quite a punch – you’ll notice that your bass response is even more sleek than before, and the difference in sheer power between these pickups and any factory pickup model isn’t even suitable for comparison.

Lastly, there are absolutely no downsides – these pickups are as great as they look, and there aren’t any flaws worth mentioning.


  • Very versatile and quite powerful
  • Enamel-coated wires provide a warm vintage like tone
  • Enhanced dynamics & superior bass response
  • Installation hardware is included as complementary feature
  • Premium-quality original Fender pickups
  • Huge value for the buck & decently affordable


  • No major flaws whatsoever
Fender American Vintage '63 Precision Bass Demo | Fender

Lace Sensor Man O’ War P Bass Pickup

Lace Music Products (LMP) have made a series of premium-quality pickups, and their Sensor Man O’ War Precision bass pickup is both one of their finest models and among the best Squier P Bass pickups around. These are passive pickups which provide superb punch and exceptional acoustic overtones, filling both the bottom and the top end with clarity and richness.

The main feature of Sensor Man O’ War precision bass pickup (see full specs) is the dual coil lace sensor – it can easily be wired into either a split or parallel, providing superior versatility. Note that these pickups will heavily alter your bass’s tone, so if you are looking for a major upgrade, look no further. They are aggressive, though passive, and will make your overall sound appear much stronger, even if you intend to play tender music styles with it, which could be perceived as both a flaw and a pro at the same time.


  • Outstanding quality passive P Bass pickups
  • Exceptional value for the buck
  • Exquisite outlook
  • Strong and powerful
  • Very versatile


  • Not exactly suited for mellow, tender music styles
Lace Man O War PJ set Demo / Playthrough

Seymour Duncan SPB-4 Steve Harris Signature P Bass Pickup

Iron Maiden fans, you’re in for quite a treat. We present to you Seymour Duncan’s SPB-4 Steve Harris’ Signature pickup for precision bass. The Maidens are among the most popular heavy metal bands ever, and they’ve earned their renown through powerful vocals, meaningful lyrics, sleek guitars, and, of course, earth shaking bass. If you want your bass to sound like Steve’s, then you should definitely consider checking these pickups out.

They’re outfitted with Alnico 5 magnets (see full specs) and boast high-output single coils, so it’s safe to say that they pack quite a punch. Seymour Duncan recommends that you use a bass made of alder and maple (body and neck) if you want to nail Steve’s sound to the note, although rosewood or ash could do the trick just as well.

Basically, there are no real downsides to Seymour Duncan’s SPB-4 P-bass pickups – they do cost quite a bit, but they’re also those pickups which will allow you to sound exactly like one of the most prominent bass players ever.


  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • High-output single-coil pickups
  • Work best with Alder body basses
  • Exceptional value for the buck


  • No major flaws or issues
Seymour Duncan SPB-4 Steve Harris Pickup Swap (4 of 4)

The Best Squier P Bass Pickups Conclusion

We hope that you liked our selection of the best precision bass pickups – the list of our top picks is comprised of both budget and top-end picks, so whatever you are looking for, it’s here. Relax, enjoy our reviews, and make some noise! Good luck!

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