The 4 Best Capos for Bass Guitars – Reviews 2023

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A capo is a sort of a bass guitar accessory – it resembles a clamp-like fastener that stretches across the strings, fretting them. It’s quite uncommon to see a bass guitar player use one, but it’s not necessarily wrong – there are numerous benefits you could reap if you learn how to pick a good one. Hopefully, this article will help you do just that. We’ll show your our recommendations for the right capos then afterwards, go into detail our criteria for our selection. So . . .

Here are our reviews of the 4 best capos for bass guitars on the market:

Nordic Essentials 2-Pack Bass Aluminium Metal Capo

Nordic Essentials capo bundle features two beautiful bass guitar capos made of aluminium and metal materials. This is a perfect example of balance between durability and flexibility, as these capos will allow you to easily switch positions while remaining firmly gripped onto your bass guitar.

One of the best things about these capos (see full specs) is that they are practically weightless. Namely, each capo in this bundle weighs approximately 1.2 ounces – it’s safe to say you won’t even feel them. What’s more, the brand has pitched in a complementary set of carry pouches, completely free of charge—which easily make these among the best guitar capos for the money.

Nordic Essentials Guitar Capo Review - 2 Pack Guitar Aluminum Capos

Nordic Essentials Capo Deluxe

The Nordic Essentials Capo Deluxe is one of the best-looking bass guitar capo models in this review. It doesn’t cost too much, it’s made of high-quality zinc alloy material, and it’s as versatile as can be.

The elegant black color brings out the exquisite feel out of its metallic finish, but that’s not all – this capo boasts lightweight qualities, weighing only 2.1 ounces.

People tend to like this brand as it often gives out free goodies with their capos, and this particular model is not an exception. Namely, you’ll get to benefit from a carry pouch, as well as an instructions manual regarding how to use your capo deluxe.

3 REAL Reasons To Capo

SpiderCapo XXL Capo

The last capo in our review generally costs more than your regular bass guitar capo, but for a good reason. Namely, the spider capo is the only screw-on capo we’ve reviewed in this article, and it’s best when used on 6-string basses. That being said, beginners should consider some different model.

Even though the spider’s legs (see full specs) could stretch out and envelop up to eight strings of any instrument, it could easily catch the basic four strings of a standard bass. This is the most durable as well as likely the most expensive bass guitar capo in this review (though, with prices, there are fluctuations).

Spider Capo Review from Acoustic Guitar

Quick Change Electric Guitar Capo

Finally, here’s a great choice for anyone who’s looking for the best budget option for a bass capo. The trigger style and overall design of this model makes it just as effective on smaller instruments like mandolins and banjos as it is on larger instruments like an upright or electric bass.

Don’t assume the low cost translates to low quality. The body of this capo is made of aircraft-grade zinc alloy that’s both durable and lightweight. The tension is right, too—firm enough to hold securely but still easy to move and adjust with one hand. For both value and convenience, it really can’t be beat.

The Best Capos for Bass Guitars – Why Use Them?

Capos are traditionally used by classical guitar players, and less frequently by acoustic guitarists, but there are a couple of benefits that a bassist could hope of achieving as well. The most notable ones are:

1. They’re great for beginners

Most beginner bass guitar players have difficulties fretting the first notes, even though these are among the widest. To help with this issue, a capo can be used on a tuned-down bass, so that the songs (jams, or any other type of plays) can be played on different notes while still sounding the same.

2. Using a capo eliminates the buzzy ringing sounds

Every string “rings” after it’s plucked, regardless of the type of instrument. Bass guitar players who want to enrich their sound could use a capo, which will in turn eliminate the ringing sounds (not entirely, but sufficiently).

3. Live performers who need to change their tunings onstage could do it faster with a capo

A capo basically tunes your guitar up by a semitone if you place it on the first frets, two semitones if it’s on the second fret, and so on.

This basically means that you can just tune down to the tuning you will be mostly using (the lowest one your songs are in), and after you just have to adjust the capo’s position accordingly.

How to Choose the Best Bass Guitar Capo


There are three primary capo types – the strap-on, the clamp, and the screw-on. There‘s a certain number of specialty capos, but they’re often custom-made and ordered, which is why we’ll be skipping them.

The Strap-on (sometimes referred to as “wraparound”) capos are made of elastic straps that envelop the strings and make a bar (barre chord). These are among the most affordable capos on the market, but also the least durable models.

Clamp (or “trigger”) capos feature spring-loaded mechanisms which clamp onto your bass guitar’s fingerboard (thus the name). Clamp capos are incredibly popular as they’re fairly simple to use, they allow you to switch between positions in a rapid motion, and they can be stowed away virtually wherever when not used.

The last type of capo is the screw-on capo, which offers plenty of durability at the cost of mobility. Namely, these capos are tightly screwed in and onto the fretboard where they will remain stable. They don’t allow you to switch positions so naturally, though.


Even though it might come as a surprise, the capo’s build is very important. There are certain capos that could last a lifetime (most screw-on capos, for example, could survive quite a lot of punishment) while others stretch with each usage.

Choosing the most durable capo doesn’t necessarily imply that its build is perfect. You need to find balance between sturdiness and flexibility. A perfect example of such a capo are clamp-style capos.


Most capos are fairly inexpensive. There are certain models that cost a bit more, but they’re either specialty capos or made of premium-quality materials.

Final Verdict

If you still have some questions regarding the best capos for bass guitars, just reflect on what they’re used for. These contraptions are very plain in nature despite their somewhat bulky appearance.

It’s safe to assume that you can’t pick a wrong capo, since most of them aren’t specifically made for bass guitars, rather they’re for all kinds of stringed instruments. In essence, for as long as you follow our buying guide, you will most certainly do fine. Good luck!

Guitar Capo Explained - What is a capo for guitar?

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