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Using a cheap fuzz pedal is probably the oldest method of signal distortion adopted by a large number of guitar players. Fuzz is definitely different compared to overdrive and distortion, and can sometimes produce pretty interesting results. One of the best benefits of using a fuzz over any other form of signal distortion is the price of these effects pedals. More often than not you can get a great fuzz stompbox for a rather low price. This is also going to be our topic today.

We have selected some of the pedals that all meet the requirements we feel every good fuzz pedal should. Namely, we’re talking about a dirty sound that has some range to it. True bypass is definitely a great feature, but at this price range, not every pedal will come with it. Finally, we were looking for reliable stomp boxes. With all that said, let’s take a look at what we have in store for you today.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best cheap fuzz pedals on the market:

Cheap Fuzz Pedal 1: Donner Guitar Stylish

One of the best brands you can trust to deliver a refined fuzz at affordable prices is Donner. Their Stylish Fuzz is quite a decent fuzz pedal which brings a more traditional performance to those who need a cheap and reliable fuzz pedal. The price of this unit makes it almost too tempting to resist. Especially considering how smooth it is compared to even the more expensive pedals.

The form factor Donner chose for this pedal is very compact. It’s a low-profile pedal that comes in a sturdy case. In terms of aesthetics, it’s nothing to write home about. However, some of us definitely appreciate the simplicity of its appearance. There are three main control knobs. You have volume, sustain, and tone to play with, which has turned out to be more than enough to dial a great tone. This pedal also comes with true bypass and a standard heavy duty stomp switch.

One of the best things about Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz (see full specs) is its predictability. This pedal brings you what most consider to be the traditional fuzz tone. It’s rich, and most importantly, smooth. The thing about modern fuzz boxes is that every manufacturer goes out of their way to experiment with new and interesting sounds. Donner, on the other hand, understood the importance of having a standard fuzz box that you can come back to when all else fails. That’s exactly what Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz brings to the table. It’s not simply a good cheap fuzz pedal, it’s a great one.

Cheap and easy! Donner Stylish Fuzz on bass

Cheap Fuzz Pedal 2: Danelectro D-7 Fab

Danelectro has quite a respectable track record when it comes to fuzz pedals. The D-7 Fab Fuzz is one is of the cheapest and most reliable fuzz pedals on the market, and it brings a completely different performance compared to many of the options in the Danelectro line. The D-7 Fab Fuzz has a streamlined and conservative tone that’s appealing to players in a range of genres.

Much like the rest of Danelectro pedals, D-7 Fab Fuzz comes in that weird looking case. With that said, it’s still very durable in terms of build quality and materials used, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking on you. There are three knobs on it, one for volume, fuzz, and tone, which are oddly positioned on the back of the pedal. This model does not come with true bypass, which is admittedly one of its flaws.

Much like the Stylish Fuzz, Danelectro D-7 Fab Fuzz brings a more traditional fuzz tone that isn’t all too versatile. However, it’s one of the best fuzz effects you can get in this price range. The tone is warm and rich enough to be used in a variety of music genres. With that said, it has its limits, but if you’re okay with those limits, this should be one of the best cheap fuzz pedals for the money.

Danelectro FAB Fuzz D 7

Cheap Fuzz Pedal 3: Joyo JF-320 Purple Storm Fuzz

Joyo’s identity as a brand is to make more affordable versions of popular effects pedals, giving guitarists on a budget the same access to versatile effects. This compact and straightforward fuzz pedal saves you space on your pedal board as well as money in your wallet.

This is an impressively small pedal. It weighs less than a pound and is no more than 3 inches in any dimension. It packs a lot of power into this portable package, with a footswitchable true bypass to prevent signal loss.

The interface on this mini pedal is straightforward, with knobs for bias, fuzz, and volume. One nice feature is the flip-down cover you can put over the dials. This protects your settings from accidental changes during shows.

The Joyo Purple Storm uses a triode transistor to create the distortion effect. This replicates the true distortion of a tube amp. For the simplicity of the controls, you get a surprising amount of versatility. You can get everything from a warm vintage fuzz to a rough post-punk screech. Whatever fuzz effect you need, you can get it cheap with the Joyo Purple Storm.

Raptor Flanger + Purple Storm JOYO IRONMAN SERIES PEDAL (Official Demo Video)

Cheap Fuzz Pedal 4: Andoer M3 Mini Classic Buzz

This compact pedal from Andoer gives you a unique fuzz sound and an array of customization options for an insanely low price. The aluminum casing is not only sized to fit easily on any pedal rack, it’s made of a durable aluminum alloy that will stand up to years of consistent use. While the sound is obviously the most important thing, it’s also well-designed aesthetically, with two different color options for you to choose from.

The controls on this mini pedal are arranged to make best use of the limited space. At the top are three dials for controlling the drive, dry blend, and volume of the effect. Below this is a larger dial for changing the tone of the fuzz. Turn it all the way to “Bass Buzz” for a low, rich distortion reminiscent of old-school germanium transistors; turn it all the way to “Treble Bite” and you’ll get a brighter, more cutting fuzz. When you want a clean tone, you can use the footswitch on the bottom of the pedal to give you a transparent true bypass. The LED indicator light on the pedal’s face makes it easy to see the state of your pedal.

With the fuzz turned up to maximum, the Andoer M3 gives you a retro fuzz tone, with a buzzy distortion comparable to early Led Zeppelin and similar bands from the ‘60s and ‘70s classic rock era. If you like a more subtle fuzz, though, this pedal gives you that option, as well. This gives the pedal a lot of versatility, which is especially impressive considering its price point. It’s among the best cheap fuzz pedals period.

Noodling around: BuzzyEvening! /W Mighty Sound M3 Fuzz

What to Look for in the Best Cheap Fuzz Pedals

Even though we’ve set a very tight budget for this list, we’ve still managed to find a number of great fuzz pedals which offered most, if not all of the things we were looking for. You will be looking for a type of tone that’s as organic and natural as possible despite being based on the digital technology in most cases.

Although true bypass and some other features are not shared by every pedal on our list, all of them will bring you a great fuzz tone at a low price. Good stuff—a huge thumbs up from here!

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