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Using a guitar wall hanger is the second best way to store your guitars (the first is to pack them in a good quality case and put them in a room that isn’t humid, but then you and others can’t see them!). So, if we take that a regular guitar owner’s room is dry, a wall hanger is a perfect way to both store and display your guitars. However, this kind of guitar storage brings other issues.

Since you will be hanging the guitar on the wall, there is an obvious risk of your instrument falling off the wall which is definitely not something you want to happen. This means that the hangers you choose need to meet certain standards.

Today, we are going to take a look at some wall hangers that are not only safe and robust enough to hold your guitars firmly on the wall but also offer additional solutions that largely prevent any kind of accidents. Build quality and special features are exactly the criteria we used when selecting these models. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at each one.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best guitar wall hangers on the market:

String Swing CC01KOAK Guitar Wall Hanger

When it comes to simple and affordable wall hangers, you can’t do better than the String Swing CC01KOAK. It’s one of the most popular models on the market, and it simply works. The build quality top-notch and the hanger is very easy to mount on the wall. The hanger itself is made of quality material that is padded with a layer of soft foam that prevents any damage to your instrument while it is stored on the wall.

The mount is made of real hardwood and the hanger pivots on the mount which makes it more flexible in everyday use. When you look at the String Swing CC01KOAK a bit closer, you will see that it’s a very simple design, but one that just works. This simplicity allows it to be very affordable. Those who have more than one instrument will definitely appreciate this. It’s one of the best guitar hangers for the money.

How to Hang My String Swing Guitar Hanger

Hercules GSP38WB Guitar Wall Hanger

If a simple wall hanger is just not enough for you, something like Hercules GSP38WB might be what you’re looking for. Compared to the String Swing, this wall hanger looks a lot more mechanical. It uses a similar mounting system as most other wall hangers do. The mechanism that you use to securely hang the guitar bolted to a piece of solid hardwood.

This block of wood comes with designated holes for mounting on the wall. The main difference between a simple wall hanger and Hercules GSP38WB is the fact that the latter comes with adjustable claws that secure the guitar in place, and prevent it from slipping out of the hanger. For some this feature may appear like an overkill, but it is definitely a good thing to have if you are hanging your guitars in a place that people frequently walk by. The claws found on this hanger prevent the guitar from falling out if accidentally bumped. Hands down, this is one of the best guitar wall hangers around.

George's Music 60 Second Review Hercules GSP38WB Instrument Hanger

Top Stage Guitar Wall Hanger

Top Stage wall hanger is a basic design that is very similar to the String Swing we described earlier. It uses pretty much the same system to hang the guitar and keep it safe. Only main different aside from the obvious design differences are two discs that act as a stop. If you bump your guitar while it’s mounted on the wall, these discs will prevent it from moving to the edge of the wall hanger or from falling out of the hanger completely. The materials used are high quality, and the padding on the tubes is soft enough to leave no marks on your instrument.

Those two discs are made of the same material as the padding. It’s technically a low-cost locking system that works pretty well considering the price. This type of wall hanger is definitely aimed at those who don’t want to go full mechanical with more complex models that also cost a bit more but still want something that is more secure than the standard wall hanger. It’s a compromise that works, which makes a likely candidate for the best guitar wall hanger.

Grip Reaper Ghastly Grip Guitar Wall Hanger

If you’re looking for a way to hang your guitars that has a bit more pizzazz, maybe something like this Ghastly Grip from Grip Reaper will be more your speed. The detailed skeleton hand that grips your guitar’s neck is a fun bit of wall art even when it’s not holding your instrument. And this guitar hanger isn’t just about looks, either. It’s strong, durable, and reliably reviewed for long-term use.

This is a versatile mount. It swivels, making it usable for a wider variety of headstock designs and sizes. The insert is cushioned, too, preventing the hanger from doing damage to your neck, and the padded feet at its base prevent damage to the wall. Everything you need to install the hanger come included, too, and it’s pretty easy to get it into place.

You will pay a bit of a premium for the design. This hanger usually costs more than the other options (though price fluctuations do happen), and offers about the same level of performance. There’s something to be said for aesthetics, though, especially if you’re hanging your guitar in your living room or other communal space.


What to Watch out for When Buying the Best Guitar Wall Hanger

Mounting guitars on the wall is definitely a scary proposition for many guitar players. You are hanging your prized possession high on the wall, so naturally, you will want the best possible hanger you can get. When we chose the products for this list, we wanted to find wall hangers that were strong enough, durable enough, and, most importantly, proven.

These four models you just read about meet the criteria, to say the least. Even though there’s a considerable difference in their design, all of these cool guitar hangers will keep your instrument secure on the wall as long as you install them properly. A simple design can work perfectly well, but if you really want that piece of mind something more complex, like the Grim Reaper Ghastly Grip (see full specs), takes away any worries you might have. No matter which one you choose, you can rest assured that your guitar will be safe and sound. No matter which one you choose, you can rest assured that your guitar will be safe and sound.

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  1. The Hurcules may look a bit “overkill” to some I agree. However for anyone who lives in a place where Earthquakes are even possible the Hurcules is a Must Have. A friend of mine living in Southern California experienced this over a year ago. Having multiple guitars hanging and only the two Hurcules hangers kept his guitars from falling and crashing during a quake. Both were the last two hangers purchased as he’d buy a new hanger when getting a new guitar. After the quake and numerous repairs to the damaged fallen instruments he now has ALL Hurcules Hangers.

    Thought I’d point this out as it’s something never considered when buying a guitar hanger. Always thought it was a good idea if someone had young kids or large dogs around and that’s about it. For those who do live in Earthquake regions, something to definately think of.

    • This is a very good point (your location, esp. if earthquake-prone, might necessitate a stronger hanger). Thanks for pointing this out.

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