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When it comes to musical equipment, Fender stands out as one of the ultimate all-time greats, a bonafide household name. Used by some of the all-time guitar titans whose legendary status will hardly ever be reached, the company is still going strong and still offers top-quality products.

One of the areas in which Fender absolutely dominates if you are a fan of classic rock, hard rock, pop, blues, or even jazz sound is the realm of guitar amps. The manufacturer has presented a stellar array of devices over the years, and we have decided to sift through today’s market and offer you the best Fender amps ever.

The key factors we took into consideration are sound quality, value for the money, durability, and reliability. Here goes:

Fender ’65 Twin Reverb

We might as well kick things off with the high-end option and the best Fender tube amp on the market in our humble opinion – the ’65 Twin Reverb (see full specs).

This mighty amp is driven by top-notch tube technology and offers 85 watts of pure tube power. This gives it enough sonic strength to fire up just about any club, and you can easily use it even for larger gigs.

The product packs a set of two 12 inch 8 ohm Jensen C-12K speakers that guarantee top clarity and note separation. When it comes to tubes, we’re talking quite a few of ’em – a pack of four 6L6 Groove output tubes, four 12AX7 preamp tubes, and a set of two 12AT7 preamp tubes.

When properly fired up, these tubes secure an incredibly rich, organic, and natural sound. If classic rock and hard blues are your forte, you will likely instantly fall in love with the ’65 Twin.

Additional notable features include a set of dual channels – normal and vibrato – on-board Fender reverb and vibrato, and a footswitch. In the accessory department, the product comes with a black textured vinyl covering, a set of tilted-back legs, and a silver grille cloth.

This is by far the best Fender amp on the list. If the vibe, sound and price suit you, buy it, now.

Fender Vintage reissue 65' Twin Reverb - review/demo

Fender Champion 100

If we were to name the best Fender guitar amp for a middling price, the flattering title would go to the might Champion 100 (see full specs).

Packed with 100 watts of solid state power, the device delivers the groove through a set of two 12 inch Fender special designed speakers.

The player is offered with a set of two channels that can be adjusted via a footswitch. As for on-board effects, the amp offers a solid choice of classics,including digital reverb, chorus, delay and vibratone.

Each of the listed effects carries that distinctive Fender vibe, perfect for classic rock, blues, hard rock, and even heavy metal.

For the listed price, this amp is the crème de la crème of the budget-friendly realm. You can easily pack the Champ and use it for club shows, the included set of controls provides you with more than enough versatility to adjust the sound properly for any type of jam from band practice to full-on gig.

Murphy's Guitars Fender Champion 100 Demo

Fender Champion 20

If we were to name the best Fender practice amp, we’d stay in the zone of the Champion series and point at the company’s renowned Champ 20.

The very decent punch delivered through the 20 watts of power is more than enough to get you through smaller band practice sessions, while the set of standard sound controls is extended with a pack of built-in guitar effects.

These include reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, tremolo, and more, making the 20 perfect for beginner players. The quality of the effects is at a high level, and newbies can get properly acquainted with the powers of guitar effects through a single knob.

But even without the effects, the amp has all the power and sound quality you need from a good practice amp. Additionally, the price is very affordable, making this the best Fender amplifier for the money.

Fender Rumble Bass Combo 200

Finally, a little something for bass players – the mighty Rumble 200! This fella packs a beefy sound driven by 200 watts of raw power, which is enough to get you through any gig and have the neighbors calling the cops when inspirations strikes in the wee hours.

The amp offers a fairly standard set of audio controls but still manages to deliver an impressive sonic versatility. If you want a warm, purring tone to keep the groove under the radar, you got it. If you want a mid-driven, treble packed frenzy for funky slap action, you got it too!

Notable features include a 1/8 inch headphone output jack for silent practice, as you probably don’t want those cops barging in, along with a 1/8 inch AUX input you can fit your Mp3 player into and jam along to your favorite tunes. Last, but far from least, the product is backed by the company’s five-year transferable warranty.

Fender Rumble Bass Amps

What are the best Fender amps and what can they offer that others don’t?

Apart from the usual answer – tradition, vibe, great value for money, the answer would have to be the amazing and unique sound. The sound of a Fender is distinguishable from miles away, and in helped shape rock, blues rock, and even the classic brand of heavy metal as we know it.

With that in mind, the best Fender tube amps and solid-state tubes give you the sound that helped shape the music and culture of an entire century, and that is no small feat.

But that’s now where the story ends, as Fender is still chugging along and helping artists to craft their unique sonic expressions, and hopefully one of them will be you.

Fender is not a company stuck in the past, but a serious player that will remain strong in years to come. Take one of these bad boys out for a spin, maybe hook ’em up with a pedal or two, and you’ll instantly know that Fender is the way to go. Get playin’ now!

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