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When it comes to subwoofer boxes, weight is going to be a very important thing to consider. In the world of after-market car audio equipment, the subwoofer is likely to be the heaviest piece of the puzzle. Some subwoofers can weigh 100 pounds or more, including both the box and the internal components.

You can cut down on the weight of your subwoofer significantly by using a lightweight subwoofer box. This makes the subwoofer easier to install or move around, in addition to limiting how much extra weight you’re adding to your vehicle. Shallow-mount subwoofer boxes tend to be the lightest, though you can find lightweight options in various styles.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some lightweight subwoofer boxes. All give you a final weight of 30 pounds or less even after they’re loaded with a subwoofer, without sacrificing build or tone quality.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best lightweight subwoofer boxes on the market:

Kicker 10-inch CompC 2-Ohm Loaded Shallow Subwoofer Box Enclosure

This subwoofer box from Kicker comes already loaded and weighs just over 28 pounds even with the speaker installed. Its thin profile is also easy to fit into your car, sliding under or behind the seats without a problem in most vehicles.

The MDF construction of this subwoofer box is well-built and sturdy, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality when you cut down on the total weight. The included subwoofer has a powerful, deep sound, and puts out a decent amount of volume, too, thanks to 600 max watts of power.

If you’re looking for a convenient lightweight option, this Kicker subwoofer is a good way to go. That said, you’ll pay more for a loaded subwoofer box. Those who already have a subwoofer and just want a new box can save some money by buying one of the empty ones below.

Kicker comp 10: Insane bass for a 10inch Sub

OnlyFactoryDirect 12F Sealed 12” Single Slim Car Subwoofer Box

Here’s a great option if you want a slim cabinet for a 12” subwoofer. It only weighs about 16 pounds, and it also has an impressively slim mounting depth. This makes it a good option for installations in smaller cabs, whether that’s a truck or a compact car.

The MDF hardwood used in this cabinet has a ¾” width and is covered in attractive black aviation carpeting that will fit in seamlessly with most car interiors. Since it ships to you fully-assembled, it’s a very convenient option if you want to drop in your own subwoofer.

The only issue some users have with this subwoofer box is the screw terminal. It requires a soldered connection on the inside, and its exterior terminal isn’t compatible with all equipment styles. That aside, the sound is full and deep across the bass frequency, and it’s among the best lightweight subwoofer boxes for shallow-mounted units.

American Sound Connection Car Audio Single 12” Vented Subwoofer Box

If you have space for a larger subwoofer box, the expanded air space inside enhances the bass production, giving you a low end that can really shake the windows. This 12” subwoofer stereo sub box from American Sound Connection has the interior volume to give you that soul-shaking bass response from the right subwoofer.

This is a versatile sub box, compatible with most brands and models of subwoofer. The vent also helps to increase the power potential of subwoofers installed in this box by allowing the air to move freely in and out.

The level of craftsmanship on this sub box is high, as well. The terminals are spring loaded for a more secure connection, and the exterior is made of MDF panels that are triple sealed to prevent air leaks. With all that, it still weighs less than 18 pounds, making it one of the best lightweight sub boxes for pure sound quality.

Q Power SHALLOW10 Single 10” Sealed Shallow Sub Box

For those who need the most affordable lightweight subwoofer box, the Q Power SHALLOW10 is among the cheapest and the lightest option around. At only 8 pounds, it might be one of the lightest subwoofer boxes on the current market.

One reason for this is the Q Power SHALLOW10’s smaller overall volume. It’s sized to fit 10” subwoofers and has a mounting depth of only 3.5 inches. Q Power also cuts down on the weight by using a slightly thinner MDF for the construction—5/8”, as opposed to the ¾” used in many sub boxes.

There is a trade-off to the smaller size of this Q Power sub box. You won’t get quite the same maximum volume potential from a sub installed in this shallow box. It also may not fit larger 10” subwoofers, so it’s not quite as versatile as some of the models above. That said, the construction quality is high for the price, making it one of the best lightweight subwoofer boxes for the money.

How to Choose the Best Lightweight Sub Box

The first and most important thing you have to consider is the fit. There are two parts to this when you’re buying a subwoofer box. First, you have to get a box that will fit your subwoofer. Second, it has to fit into your car.

Most sound systems use either a 10” or a 12” subwoofer. Speakers at this size have the cone volume to faithfully reproduce the entire bass spectrum while still maintaining a high level of sonic detail and accuracy. Along with the diameter of the subwoofer, you’ll need to consider its depth. Some will be too deep to fit into a shallow-mount box.

There are multiple places where you can mount a subwoofer in your car, which can give you more options for finding a box that fits. While most people prefer to install a subwoofer behind or under the front seats, you can also put it in the trunk if it won’t fit in those locations. The trickiest installations are usually in the cabs of trucks, where a shallow-mount subwoofer is a necessity.

Fit will have an impact on the sound, as well. If the components aren’t secure in the housing, you’ll hear it in the form of rattling or other distortion. The other aspect of a subwoofer box that has the most impact on sound is the interior air volume. The more air there is in the box, the more depth and power you can get out of your subwoofer.

Good luck buying the best lightweight subwoofer box for your car or truck! We hope the reviews and tips in this article have helped you find what you were looking for. Good luck!

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