The 4 Best 2000 Watt Amps – 2000W RMS Amplifier Reviews 2023

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So, why buy a 2000 watt amp? Well, even the largest subwoofer can only give you so much volume on its own. If you really want to rattle the frame, you’ll need to provide it some more power. The trick is to get the right 2000 RMS watt amplifier to suit your equipment. The amplifier won’t do you any good if you’re using it to boost speakers or a subwoofer that need more power than the it can handle.

The number of channels is the first thing you should check when you’re shopping for a 2000 watt amp. If you’ll be powering one large piece of equipment, like a subwoofer, you want a single-channel amp (also called a Class-D or monoblock amp). If you’re using it for a set of speakers, a Class-A/B multi-channel amp will give you the same power, but in the separate channels that you need. There are plenty of 2000 RMS watt amps from both classes on the list below, all of which are great options to improve the sound quality of your car’s audio set-up.

Here are our 4 recommendations for the best 2000 watt amps on the market:

1. SCV-2000D Sundown 2000W RMS Amplifier

Sundown replaced their acclaimed SAZ series with the SCV line in 2014 and this monoblock amp continues the legacy of those popular amplifiers. The main improvement made between the SAZ and SCV lines was to optimize the power supply. The new line operates more efficiently, resulting in a smaller wattage footprint that ultimately gives you more power per dollar.

Everything about this amp is designed to give your music the best possible performance. It has a ubsonic filter to un-muddy your low end, along with a bass boost to fill out the signals you want to keep (see full specs). With a sensitivity of 90dB, you won’t lose any clarity from the receiver to the speakers. The only downside of this is that it does require a lot of power and you’ll probably need an extra battery to operate it. Given the sound quality, though, most people find that a worthwhile investment.


2. Skar Audio Subwoofer Amplifier, 2000W

This is the most powerful amplifier in Skar’s RP line. While it’s rated for 2000 watts RMS at 1 ohm, in terms of its actual output it can have a max power over 2,800 watts. The quality of the engineering also means it’s extremely reliable, with an efficient operation that keeps it from overheating and makes the most of the power you put into it.

The RP-2000 operates on a high speed MOSFET power supply and uses an advanced PCB board design, a level of engineering that allows this amp to outperform models that cost twice as much (see full specs). It also uses a 4-way protection circuity to protect against shorts and failures. As an added bonus, it comes with a remote level control and bass knob for the subwoofer, letting you easily adjust the levels right from the driver’s seat. If your main goal is to get more low-end volume, this amp is the answer you’ve been looking for. Needless to say, it’s easily one of the best 2000 watt amps for the money.

Skar RP-2000.1D Taking a Look

3. Boss Audio Systems 2000 Watt Amplifier

If your budget is tight and has you looking at the cheaper end of the spectrum, there are a couple good options you might want to consider. The first is the AR2000M from Boss Audio, which is a class AB monoblock amplifier.

You’ll get a surprising amount of control over your sound with this unit considering how affordable it is. It has a variable low-pass, bass boost, and gain, so you can really hone in on your perfect subwoofer sound.

Size-wise, the Boss AR2000M is compact, with a slim profile that allows it to be installed in a variety of applications. You can use the included remote to control the tone, giving you even more flexibility when it comes to the installation.

This amp doesn’t put out quite as much power as some of the costlier 2000 RMS models above, but it has a very good performance for the price, with a MOSFET power supply and a reliable build. If you’re looking for big sound on a budget, the Boss AR2000M is an excellent choice.

BOSS AR2000M Unboxing

4. Hifonics ZRX2016.4 Zeus Amplifier, 4-Channel 2000-Watt

Another option that’s as affordable as it is powerful is the Zeus from Hifonics. Like the Pyle amplifier above, it’s a multi-channel amp, with four channels totaling 2000 watts RMS, enough to give all the speakers in your set-up plenty of juice. It’s also bridgeable, giving you a lot of different options to work with for a variety of audio configurations.

Hifonics amps all use an aluminum heatsink that gives them impressive heat dissipation, protecting the interior circuitry of the amp and allowing it to put out more power with less wasted energy than other amplifiers in its class. Combined with the military grade PCB casing and four different levels of protection circuitry (DC, short circuit, thermal, and overload) this gives you a hearty amp that can give you maximum power for a long time. It’s also available in a 1000 watt version if you don’t need quite so much power, but if you’re looking for an amp that will shake the windows, the 2000 watt version is worth the higher price tag.

Hifonics Zeus Series Car Audio Amplifiers | CES 2017

Choosing the Best 2000 Watt Amp

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether the amp you want to buy will fit into your car. Most of the listings on Amazon have a handy feature that lets you input your car’s make and model so you can tell whether or not it will install easily into your car. If you have your heart set on a certain amp and it won’t fit in your car, you can take it to a mechanic and have him make modifications, but this is an extra expense most people don’t want to worry about.

If you’re matching the amp to existing equipment, make sure you check the impedance. This is the number (measured in ohms) that outlines how much power the amp can provide against different levels of resistance from the subwoofer or speaker. Also make sure you’re looking at the RMS rating when you check this; that’s the amount it can provide continuously, as opposed to the peak rating, which is its maximum potential output.

It’s usually recommended to get an amp that provides more power than you actually need. That makes the best 2000 watt amps perfect for equipment that totals around 1,000-1,350 watts of continuous power. Keep that in mind if you’re buying new speakers or subwoofers as well as an amplifier; it will help you narrow down your choices as your browsing other equipment. Good luck!

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